Thursday, November 24, 2005

Winning the cyberspace battle

Malacanang's spin-doctors tried to diffuse the Google bomb but they failed. There was also an attempt to redirect the keyword 'sinungaling' from Toting Bunye's website to our young radicals blog, but they also messed up.

Apparently, the government?s set of computer experts and its rich resources were no match to the overwhelming anti-Arroyo sentiment now engulfing the country and the internet.

Too bad for Mrs. Arroyo, she is not winning the battle even in cyberspace.

Public opinion is something Arroyo can never mock up. She may have the control of most of our democratic institutions and processes but she can never manipulate public opinion in her favor.

We are becoming more creative in expressing dissent and advocating change. The advancement of technology has made it possible for Filipinos to immediately unite on various issues.

But technology should be seen as a means and not an end in our crusade for truth, justice and meaningful change. Our collective action as a people is still the decisive force that will remove Arroyo from power.

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