Monday, November 05, 2007

A challenge to JDV’s ‘moral revolution’

Youth group to Speaker: Uphold new, stronger impeachment complaint

Youth group Anakbayan today joined other sectoral groups, concerned citizens and anti-Arroyo forces in a rally at the Batasan Complex to support the filing of a ‘multi-pronged impeachment complaint’ against Mrs. Gloria Arroyo.

Anakbayan challenged Speaker Jose de Venecia, who earlier called for a ‘moral revolution’, to uphold the stronger impeachment complaint and not to allow technicalities and tactics to ‘make a sham out of the Constitutional process.’

“All complaints to be filed have the common denominator of seeking accountability for the recent cases of bribery and corruption linked to Malacanang. If Speaker JDV indeed wants his ‘moral revolution,’ no best way to start but to investigate these cases via an impeachment proceeding,” said Anakabayan vice-chairperson Sarah Katrina Maramag.

Maramag assured lawmakers that a genuine and stronger impeachment would have the full support of youth and students.

“The resumption of Congress coincides with the re-opening of classes after the long-weekend vacation and we are geared to aid in publicizing the many atrocities of Arroyo and her cabal to youth and students,” Maramag said.

Impeachment not enough, pressure from public needed
The youth group, however, said that whether or not the impeachment case prospers, it would still push for the investigation of bribery and corruption scandals beleaguering the Arroyo administration.

Maramag said that while some opposition leaders have publicly announced their lack of support for the possibility of another people power uprising as means of un-seating Arroyo, they continue to rely more on the powers of pressure from the public than on ‘vacillating power plays in government.’

“Our fearless forecast for 2008, Arroyo will not finish her term. Not if we have our way. All we want for Christmas and the year ahead is an Arroyo-free Philippines.” ###


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