Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Arroyo's SONA shows her cowardice

I was in the protest rally outside Batasan yesterday, where around 10,000 others gathered to proclaim the real state of the nation, instead of listening to Arroyo's address. The different sectors were there, including foreign delegates.

Fiery speeches were delivered along with cultural performances. The giant effigy and the stage background captured the general theme of the day: Gloria as Hitler, conducting a fascist rampage, killing the Filipino people.

Despite the heavy rain, the crowd was lively and the protest mood was very high.

It was only yesterday night when I got a chance to read the full text of the fake president's address. Earlier, I heard the radio reporting the opposition's opinion on the SONA, saying it was a 'PR speech' full of unrealistic promises and not a state of the nation. It was also said to be a 'blueprint' or a program of action, as if the president is still campaigning and haven't been in power for already five years.

The observations were true, the SONA was a boring geography lesson full of unimportant, or perhaps even manipulated data, on local situations in the provinces and regions. As promised by the Arroyo "Boyoyong boys" (Mike D., Bunye and others), it avoided the political issues and the issues confronting the presidents' legitimacy. The truth was, except for a few overemphasized but unrealistic data on lower poverty levels and development, she said nothing on the general state of the nation.

I was somehow expecting an answer related to the people's sentiments, but instead I see in my head, while reading the SONA text, an image of Arroyo blabbering irrelevant data, her head down, trying hard to look away and avoid the people asking so many valid questions on her legitimacy and governance.

It got to my nerves when I saw the part which lauds Palparan, take note that the speech doesn't even have a part alloted her all-out war program but just injected this part to the economic plans for the regions: "nakikibaka sa kalaban si Jovito Palparan. Hindi siya aatras hanggang makawala sa gabi ng kilabot ang mga pamayanan at maka-ahon sa bukang-liwayway ng hustisya at kalayaan. (Palparan is struggling against the enemy. He will not retreat until the communities become free from their enslavement to the terror of the night and reach the dawn of justice and freedom.)"

After that, as if intending to be really confusing about the policy of murdering activists and taking us Filipino people and the rest of the concerned people around the world for stupid asses who doesn't think, she says: "In the harshest possible terms I condemn political killings. We together stopped judicial executions with the abolition of the death penalty. We urge witnesses to come forward. Together we will stop extrajudicial executions. "

Shit. And then she goes on with her blabbering.

I say this speech is an act of a coward. It has come to a point where Arroyo knows that whatever she says, she wouldn't be able to make the people believe her. What does she do? She murmurs and hopes that nobody hears her. She avoids contact and refuses to address essential topics.

This poor Hitler wannabe couldn't even give a proper speech to address the people. I heard a UP professor say on ANC that the SONA may be intended to address the members of Congress, the Filipino people or both. In this speech, the writers were addressing themselves, the "Boyoyong boys" might have been the only concerned ones in this blabbering. I'm sure they're all pleased with their kalokohan.

What's more important than what Arroyo said in this SONA is what she DIDN'T say. I think we, the people, really aught to have our own version of the SONA during the next few days. Let's proclaim the real situation of the Filipino people and bring to Arroyo's face the thing she's most afraid of: the fact that one year after her last SONA, her presidency is still in crisis, the fascist moves she implemented failed to stop protests, and her dictatorial crimes have only raised the people's anger against her to a new, more serious level and into a situation which is only getting more dangerous for her, her "Boyoyongs" and her fascist government. ###


At 10:06 AM, Blogger Renegade Eye said...

Arroyo is not fascist. You are misusing that term.

Under fascism, that demonstration would have been illegal, this blog would be shut down.

If Arroyo is fascist, who is not? Some liberal bourgeose politician?

I'm pointing this out to you, because if you misuse the word fascist, it leads to errors. Even military or authoritarian rule doesn't mean fascism.

Fascism entails the total annihilation of the revolutionary and working class movement. It means petit-bourgeouse armed thugs, destroying meetings etc. It's not being honest calling her Hitler. She is a typical, corrupt politician. If she is Hitler, what was Marcos?

At 7:27 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

actions speaks louder than words rather than more words why not use actions to oust your president


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