Tuesday, August 28, 2007


from studentstrike.blogspot.com

Anybody who's experienced waiting in an ER of any public hospital in Metro Manila will go crazy upon seeing this movie. I doubt if this film is going to land in our cinema houses but if it does, we'll sure have more people shaking their heads in freaking disbelief in how our health system works, maybe even raising their fists in anger.

Micheal Moore, shakes up the American population by making them realize that the health system of the world's most powerful nation is hella fucked up. Moore brings a boatload of lung-sick firemen, heroes of 9/11, which were neglected by American hospitals, to Cuba (yes, socialist Cuba), and gets them the medical care they need. That's super.

Watch Sicko, Micheal Moore's most recent documentary on the problems of America's privatized health system. This is one of the best movies I've seen this year. You just can't not watch it.

Here's a review from rollingstone.com:
Note to the president: Here’s your chance to lock up Michael Moore. The radically fierce and funny fireball he aims at our health-care system is a flat-out invitation to steal. First, Moore shows us how France, England, Canada and – yikes! – Cuba actually help sick people instead of letting them wither and die for lack of health insurance. Then he instructs us to loot those places for ideas. Anti-American? Hell, no. Moore argues that if another country builds a better car, we buy it. If it crafts a better wine, we drink it. Why not free universal health care?

Here's another from flickfilosopher:
I can’t imagine a more important movie being released this year. I can’t imagine another movie making me feel so ashamed for America as a whole, or doing so with more justification. Damn you, Michael Moore, and bless you, for having the temerity and the guts and the balls to do what hardly anyone else is doing these days: yelling from the rafters that we are supremely fucked up as a nation, hollering about the very viable options we have to fix the mess if only we grew some backbone, and screaming with sincere conviction that it’s long past time to revolt.
Download it via torrent here.

If anybody knows where we can watch it online, please throw in a comment.


At 12:29 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

your torrent link led me to mininova.org. unfortunately, the site said "this torrent does not exist..."

pls fix this kuya. how i wish lalabas siya sa Pinoy cinemas, o kahit sa mga pirate bangketas man lang.

its nice to see youngradicals alive and kickin' (and bloggin') again!

At 12:17 AM, Blogger vencer said...


apparently they already took it down.

try this link: http://www.mininova.org/search/?search=sicko

try mo. wag lang yung mga italian ha. saka tignan mo comments. sabihin mo pag ok para maupdate yung link na nilagay ko.



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