Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Defend our legislators

Oppose Political Repression in the Philippines!
Free Crispin Beltran and Joel Virador!

At this juncture in our nation's history, the Filipino people stand united against the incumbent illegitimate president Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo's attacks against civil and democratic rights.

By imposing a state of national emergency via the illegal and immoral Proclamation 1017, Arroyo's corrupt government is trying to buy more time for its beleaguered self.

Failing to convince the public of its innocence of charges of corruption, political repression and electoral fraud, Macapagal-Arroyo is resorting to dictatorial means to curb growing dissent and restiveness not only within the ranks of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP), but among the mass population long sickened and disgusted with Arroyo.

Presidential Proclamation 1017 means warrantless arrests, arbitrary takeover of public utilities and industries, intensified military operations especially in the provinces, and a crackdown on the media and the freedom of speech.

The legislators of the progressive party-lists Bayan Muna (People First), Anakpawis (Toiling Masses) and Gabriela Women's Party are included in the government hit list.

Well-known labor leader turned lawmaker Crispin Beltran was arrested on February 24. A few days later on February 27, Bayan Muna solon Joel Virador was also arrested.

The four other lawmakers Bayan Muna solons Satur Ocampo and Teddy Casino, Anakpawis Rep. Rafael Mariano, and Gabriela Rep. Liza Maza have been put under the custody of the House of Representatives, but they stand to be arrested at any time .

These lawmakers and the political parties they represent are at the forefront of the Filipino people's relentless campaign against the burgeoning dictatorship under Arroyo.

Crispin Beltran is a labor leader.

Satur Ocampo a well-known human rights advocate.

Rafael Mariano is a peasant activist.

Liza Maza is a staunch defender of women and children?s rights.

Joel Virador is a vocal critic of US intervention in Philippine affairs.

Teddy Casino has a long history of student activism.

We seek the support of the Filipino youth and people, Church and welfare organizations, the media and our democracy-loving political leaders in denouncing the Macapagal-Arroyo government's worsening attacks against our civil, democratic and human rights. We urge all Filipino youth to help us in our struggle for genuine freedom and democracy in the Philippines.

Please make your stand be known.

Write to H.E. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo President of the Republic of the Philippines, Malacanang Palace, JP Laurel St., San Miguel Manila, Philippines as well as other media institutions abroad and in the Philippines, and inform them of your solidarity with the Filipino people.

Defend the Filipino people's civil and political rights!

Free all political prisoners of the Arroyo government!

Fight the burgeoning Macapagal-Arroyo dictatorship!


At 11:22 AM, Anonymous ? said...

so you believe that your protests, civil disobedience, acts of treason, abandonment of educating yourselves (if the meaning of education is even preserved in your academic system), de facto rallies (as opposed to de jure ones which I believe that you people don't posses any), false accusations, and illiterate understanding would save the republic of the philippines? foolish girl; you don't even know one fourth of the whole scenario right under your nose.

would you be happy if the president dies? how would your kind, the youth, who, among the most foul creatures who commit high acts of treason and lawless rallies, respond to the maladies that your country is immersed in? would you be willing to partake in shouldering the problem of your economically slumping country? can you and your kind create jobs for the jobless?

what I notice in your rantings is that you people only rant, but not work. I don't see the point that you, the youth, are the future of the country, because the fact that you abandon schools for something worthless only proves that there is no future ahead of you. where were you people when Leyte was struck by a massive natural disaster? were your hands soiled with mud while holding the banner of treason? where is the evidence that the president DESTROYED everyone in her path? I suggest you start reading your constitution before making any false accusations.

what your problem is yourself and you are too good to notice it. so there are no jobs...are you just going to blame the presidency because there's none? why don't you take the initiative to create some? although I don't think you people would help because your analogy of preserving freedom is related to rallying and protesting.

what is your motivation? you people claim that the country is for the people, but you yourselves are not doing anything credible for the country. and if you think that rallies are the greatest good of them all, then you people are no different from the lunatics running amock.

by the way, "state of emergency" is not "martial law"---martial law is a conditional, arbitrary consequence that the president may or may not use...and the president did not. you ask why there is a state of emergency? why don't you ask yourselves because you are the threats to democracy and the state itself.

may your worthless cause fall right before your very eyes...and should you succeed, which on the high side I assure you will not, may the people you so defend blind your eyes for who they and their true motives really are...

At 11:24 AM, Anonymous ? said...

you have a "blog" owner approval? if my puny intellect can interpret this, this means that you have the power to post or not post my message, am I not correct?

so much for "freedom of speech"...a fact which you so much fought for, for the wrong reasons...

At 12:57 PM, Anonymous Kiko said...

Mr. Question Mark, if you don?t know it yet, in the Philippines, Gloria Macapagal Arroyo is the law. Her will will be done. She will use the law, twist it whichever way she can, to stay in power. If there are no laws to further promote her agenda, she will create it.

?where were you people when Leyte was struck by a massive natural disaster? were your hands soiled with mud while holding the banner of treason?? Hey, Question Mark. You gotta be kidding! Even you can?t believe this nonsense.

Why don?t you get off your high horse? You sound like that crazy man at the DOJ.

One good point though: Yes, I agree. Why do you people managing this web site make it so difficult to post comments? Are GMA's ways rubbing off on you people? :)

At 1:17 PM, Blogger adarna said...

?, kiko, etal,

comment moderation for this site is enabled not for censorship (if you notice, we publish ALL comments -- PRO or ANTI our sentiments) but for 1.) restriction of usage of foul language and 2.) restriction of SPAM comments and mail.

we also reserve the right to delete comments in the shoutbox based on the same considerations.

so if your comments are published a few hours late, please bear with us.

thank you for your patronage, and yes, even your criticisms.

young radicals

At 5:10 PM, Anonymous ? said...

Oh Kiko, you foolish girl, if that is ever your real name...that is but you and your kind's flaw--to judge evryone in your own paths. Mind your words for I am not in my "high horse"...I am communicating in this way because people like you disgrace, and continue to by the way, the language that I have embraced the moment I am able to speak.
So the President is the law you say? And she can bend it however she wants you say? What, then, is the difference between the EXECUTIVE and JUDICIAL body of the government? I suggest you go back to your elementary political science class, study the structural arrangement of the government, and if you have the time which I know you only spend on worthless rallying, go to the library and review proclamation 1017 because I do believe that your judging eyes pass the most important key words in there which is enough to make you people explode and rally rashly.
And if you are blind, such proclamation has been lifted. The only thing you impatient matterless beings need to do is give it some time to level off. Lifting something is not the same as magic, amateur.
Tell your friends in the Congress to step out if they are innocent...but I believe otherwise so you can join them as the gavel of justice, which you said has been "twisted" by the president, hits you in the head enough to make you realize your false cause.

well, young radicals, I hope you do know the meaning of your name in and of itself...radical, is a reactive species. Perhaps one day you might encouter an explosive reaction that will consume your very being.

in pace requiescat

At 5:21 PM, Anonymous ? said...

By the way, Kiko, whoever you are. This may be a waste of time for you are too trivial for analysis, but don't come running towards me with your circle reasoning, using my comments against me...it is worthless...Ad Hoc Post Propter Hoc, your reasoning indeed.
No wonder you people lose in debates not only because you cannot do so but because you are defending the wrong side.

So I sound "like that crazy man at DOJ"? Let me ask you this, who do you sound like? All I can hear from you are footsteps, for you are out running away from the truth. And certainly, you and your kind are not the fated "saviors" of the Philippines. It was once a country I so have faith in, and it is lost for my batch has died in memory of the legendary past...and now you people stain the ground with treason.

Not so high and mighty now, are you?

At 1:43 PM, Anonymous Kiko said...

Mr. Question Mark, makasisiguro ka na walang lalapit sa saradong isip mo. Nakakakita ba ang bulag? Nakakarinig ba ang bingi? Marahil hindi ka pipi dahil sa mabilis bumoga ang mataras at makitid mong bunganga.

Maging "original" ka naman sana sa mga sagot mo. Eh, tulad ng sinasamba mong Gloria, luma na yang mga taktika ng pag-sagot mo. Alam na ng lahat yan. Mahaba na wala namang laman!

Hahaha, ano ka ba, kahapon lang pinabganak?

At 1:15 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


I say you start something that will help your fellow students than waste your time supporting communists....LOL.....follow my advice dude. I don't think mr ? is telling you to kiss GMA's ass....

pero pre, if you really believe in what you are fighting for, bat di ka na lang mamundok?....hingi ka na lang ng internet connection from Ka-Roger..

but don't worry, soon most people of the Philippines will be moving out of the country. You and you're fellow communist gods can have the whole country amongst yourselves..


At 4:36 PM, Anonymous Kiko said...

He, he, he, nagpangap pa kunwari itong si Question Mark. James ba bago mong ngalan, ha anonymous? Ilan ba mukha mo, tatlo? Siguro, mas marami pa. Talagang ganyan ang walang tunay na paninindigan. Multi-kara.

Pare-pareho talaga kayong mga nasa pay list ni Gloria. Kung di na kaya, palit mukha kaagad. He, he, he, hanggan diyan lang talaga kayo.

Si Gloria gustong gayahin si Macoy. Ikaw naman na skitso, gaya-gaya rin. Yaan mo, darating rin ang araw ng idolo mo, skitso. At pagdating ng araw na yan, babaliktad ka muli. Gamitin mo agad ang iba mo pang makapal na mukha.

Lumabas rin ang tunay mong katauhan ano, batang kalye, "pre!"

Sige, ipaubaya ko na sa iyo huling salita, ha. Gandahan mo!

At 9:40 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

yehey approve na VISA ko!!!!!! babay guys!!!

At 3:17 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

..debating on the internet is like the special olympics..even if you win you're still retarded..

At 2:20 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Politically incorrect, anonymous. However, I find that blogs like this one pretend to show all comments. Truth of the matter is, whoever moderate comments here is biased, just like the ones they claim to fight. Bunch of hipos who are really shallow in experience of what real life is about.

Most of people affiliated with this blog are really still under the wing of their parents who support them. And guess what, I bet you they rebel against them, the very people who feed and clothe them. What a bunch of idealistic wanna bees.

At 4:43 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Adarna, not for censorship? Sino ang niloloko mo? Hindi aandar ang mga palusot mo. ke babaw eh. Censorship yang tinatawag mong moderation. Wala kayong pinagkaiba sa mga paporma ni GMA and company.
Maaring nasa kabilang bakod kayo, pero pare-parho palakad ninyo.

Mahiya naman kayo. Sa katunayan, takot kayong mabisto ang tunay ninyong kulay.

At 10:34 PM, Blogger adarna said...

hmm, papatulan ko ba ito? sino sa atin ang takot na mabisto ang tunay na kulay, ANONYMOUS? we rest our case...

and to those who seem to let harmless comment moderation hinder them from ACTUALLY COMMENTING COHERENTLY AND INTELLIGENTLY: wala kaming magagawa kung gusto niyong sayangin ang mga oras niyo. libu-libo ang blogs na may comment moderation exactly for the reasons i posted, sayangin niyo lalo ang oras niyo at awayin niyo rin lahat isa-isa.

this is the last time we will explain comment moderation in this blog. if you have a problem with it at hindi kayo sensible enough na mapaliwanagan, then it's yours to deal with.

so there.


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