Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Thank God for Theresa Pangilinan!

Ma. Theresa Pangilinan will be coming to Manila on Thursday and we are hoping to get an inteview with her. Meanwhile, cheers pour in:

Conrado De Quiros thanks god for Theresa. Ellen Tordesillas thinks the act is a good form of a social boycott aimed at isolating Arroyo. Business Mirror's Colonel calls her the Gutsy Girl.

Mong slams Defensor's response. Rep. Teddy Casino says Mahiya ka naman, Mike!, while Tonyo says: Kapal ng Mukha!

Luis Teodoro hits Defensor but also notes the apparent decline of the student movement as shown by the reported boos from Pangilinan's co-grads.

Nepal People Power update:Did the opposition parties sell-out? Opposition parties end general strike as King declares reinstatement of parliament; protests continue. Maoists say the opposition parties commited a "historical blunder."

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