Monday, June 05, 2006

Dagdag-bawas education edition has a special report on the school opening featuring an article on the Two-shift Classroom Scheme, another on the general Picture of the State of Education, and other articles giving us regional tidbits on the education crisis.

And if you still haven't read about that cabinet meeting "classroom magic" fantaserye, here is your YR linkathon.

Looks like they're opening a new episode to their "dagdag-bawas" education edition: No tuition fee hike for SUCs - Palace. Yeah right, so that's why there's a P400 laboratory fee increase in UP. We've already demolished Malacanang and CHEd's propaganda in our Mother's Day entry.

Inquirer has interesting stories on the school opening: First up is the column by Juan Miguel Luz, former DepEd Usec. which enlightens us on the real score on the classroom shortage. Yes, there is a shortage, and the real figure: 74,115. According to him, P29 billion is needed to address the real shortage of classrooms. Way far from the P4B our Congress is alloting.

The editorial for today: Learning from outbursts. Read also the Inq three part series on the class opening. If you still aren't convinced that the education system is deteriorating, see how the low the test scores are.

Juan Miguel Luz also confirms that the reason behind the Bridge Program's halt in 2004 was political. Apparently, the protests of high school activists and parents during that time really shook the Palace.

Stories from the regions: Teacher shortage in Eastern Visayas, this story points to "teacher quality", but you can't blame them, if they are teachers by day, vendors by night. Tuition monitor: 15 tuition hikes in EV.

On the political killings: first day of classes for college studes on June 13 also marks Cris Hugo's birthday.

I have been fond of reading Amado Doronilla's columns these past few days mainly because of his views on the extrajudicial killings. Here's his May 18 column, here's another last June 2, and today his article calls Arroyo a "Tin-pot dictator rising from EDSA 2." asks if the Terror vs. Anti-terror strategy will work, and exposes Oplan Bantay Laya.

De Quiros defends Batasan 5 Rep Teddy Casino's outburst calling State Prosecutor Velasco "sira-ulo." Dapat lang naman no. And in his column today stresses Arroyo's responsibility in the killings.

On cha-cha: Bernas explains how Arroyo's initiative is a "revolution from within" like Marcos' cha-cha in '73. He explains that the military and the Supreme Court will play a main factor in deciding the success of Arroyo's quest for a longer term and greater power. Meanwhile, the CBCP and the anti-Chacha groups set a major "show of force" on June 12.


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I found this blog surfing. What a lucky find.

Good luck in your struggles against your decadent and corrupt government.


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I will link to this important blog. Please stop by at my blog. Many who take part in discussions on my blog, are radicals from many parts of the world.


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