Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Into the sound and fury*

Sarah Raymundo and Bogart Jaime posts a rejoinder to Ms. Pat Evangelista's reply to their blog entry criticizing Evangelista's column article "Rebel without a Clue."

MLQ3 calls it a "magnificent example of National Democratic prose" and a comment on the same entry says "it clarified a lot."

Part of the entry reads:

It is perfectly fine to challenge the Left and its claims. It is a remarkable feat for a college coed to problematize the Left. However, ...her denial of the antagonistic positionalities defeats the very purpose of any meaningful debate on social alternatives...

It is curious how appeals for "tolerance" is often addressed to the Left...To think that the Left and the State (institutions and their honchos) wield equal power in the Philippines is a gross miscalculation...

Furthermore, it is the least of our intentions to condescend to Ms. Evangelista that she is a "victim lured by the discourse of neoliberalism". While we said that she is "lured by the discourse of neoliberalism", we never painted her as a victim...

We feel that it is our task to make it clear that our blog entry was not written as a personal attack. We are reading her arguments as symptoms of "reading history" in a way that legitimizes the dominant social order...

Read on.

*title of Evangelista's reply to Raymundo and Jamie, which, unfortunately, cannot be read online. Together with the earlier column, has "temporarily deleted" Evangelista's article from their site.


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