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Paper Lifting 1017

March 5, 2006

Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo's proclamation of a State of National Emergency, lifted a week after, left us a clear message: that in desperation to stay in power, her regime will rely more and more on terrorism, repression and open acts of violence against the Filipino people.

Even as Arroyo lifted Proclamation 1017 , she left us with no guarantee that that acts of suppression, curtailment of civil liberties, attacks on the freedom of the press, together with warrantless and unjust arrests of anti-Arroyo leaders will cease. She and her apologists (Raul Gonzales, Mike Defensor, to name a few) instead categorically stated that such will continue and Arroyo will not hesitate to once again 'exercise her authority as Chief Executive and Commander-in-Chief' to declare another State of Emergency when and if she deems necessary.

Anakpawis Rep. Crispin Beltran's contiues to be illegally detained despite growing public clamor for his immediate release on humanitarian grounds. The five other party-list congressmen and leaders of peoples' organizations remain under threat of arrest. Police and military elements continue to "safeguard" major media outfits, while cases were filed against some members of the media a day after PP 1017 was supposed to have been lifted. On the actual day of the lifting of PP 1017, hundreds of protesting lawyers met with resistance and repression from police dispersal teams while attempting to reclaim Edsa shrine.

When Marcos retracted PD 1081 a few years after its declaration, it was then dubbed (coincidentally by Beltran) as a mere "paper lifting." And so it is too with Arroyo's lifting of PP 1017.

Unfortunately for Arroyo, her cheap attempts to imitate Marcos only made matters worse for her. The protests only grew bigger and angrier. The people, mouthing and reliving lessons in history, refused to allow the return of the dark days of Martial Law.

PP 1017 was a clear sign of the Arroyo government's weakness and desperation. For fear that the massive rallies and 'People Power protests' last February 24 would gather critical mass and get the support of disgruntled sections in the military, Arroyo shamelessly and unabashedly copy-pasted Marcos' Proclamation 1081:

Marcos 1081:
NOW, THEREFORE, I hereby command the armed forces of the Philippines to maintain law and orderthroughout the Philippines, prevent or suppress allforms of lawless violence as well as any act ofinsurrection or rebellion and to enforce obedience toall the laws and decrees, orders and regulationspromulgated by me personally or upon mydirection.

GMA 1017:
NOW, THEREFORE, I hereby command the Armed Forces of the Philippines to maintain law and order throughout the Philippines, prevent or suppress allforms of lawless violence as well any act ofinsurrection or rebellion and to enforce obedience toall the laws and to all decrees, orders and regulations promulgated by me personally or upon my direction.

The government came out with an alleged 'tale of conspiracy' involving the political opposition, the "extreme left" and the "extreme right." It is now trying to portray the broad anti-Arroyo movement as a connivance between a few extremists and adventurists, downplaying the fact that the majority of Filipino people are fed up with Arroyo and are exerting all efforts to oust her.

Arroyo, upon declaration of 1017, withdrew and suspended all rally permits in attempt to quell street protests. But tens of thousands of people marched uncowered in the streets. A few days after her declaration, calls for people to wear black spread rampantly, series of student walkouts and demostrations ensued. Alliances and groups against PP 1017 and Arroyo's tyranny were immediately formed.

PP 1017 also tried but failed to silence the media and kill press freedom. Instead of keeping quiet and being threatened by Malacanang's threats, journalists and media entities stood up and forged unity against Arroyo's tyranny.

Arroyo wanted to scare the anti-Arroyo movement and break the broad anti-Arroyo unity by arresting known people's leaders, showcasing Rep. Beltran's arrest as a statement that in meant business. They expected other progressive leaders to run and hide and the middle forces to vacillate in their stance for fear of possible arrest. But this too backfired.

BAYAN MUNA Rep. Satur Ocampo and others showed up in Congress to perform their normal functions as leaders. Their colleagues in Congress came to their rescue -- unexpectedly, even administration congressmen granted them 'protective custody.' (Majority floor leader Prospero Nograles expressed support for the five solons. Even Speaker Jose de Venecia was forced to accommodate them in the House.) Former President Ramos strongly stated his 'waning, waning, waning' support by slamming PP 1017. Cory Aquino vowed to continue leading the people in prayer and protest.

The Fort Bonifacio stand-off in the Marines' ranks also proved that cracks in the military continue to exist and are still widespread.

Arroyo wanted to turn her illegitimate rule into open tyranny but failed. Instead, the people's dismay grew to anger and open defiance. She tried to convert her misgovernance into an iron-fist dictatorship but she only succeeded in transforming people's discontent with government into a resounding clamor for system change and social reforms. She is now trying to justify PP 1017 by pointing an accusing finger to an alleged 'left-right' conspiracy only to find herself facing extreme isolation from the majority of the Filipino people.

She may have superficially withdrawn PP 1017 but she cannot take back the anger and indignation it brought to the public. She is now faced with a more determined and united anti-Arroyo front.

Her government is expected to employ more tyrannical acts against human rights and civil liberties but one thing was clearly proven by PP 1017: the Filipino people will never again tolerate tyranny. More than anything else, this certainty will hasten her regime's imminent downfall. ###

Young Radicals


At 9:54 AM, Anonymous jorge said...

I agree; her lifting PP1017 is nothing more than Marcos' Proclamation 2045, part deux. I?ve mentioned more than once that GMA has been VERY successful at staying glued to her position and crushing any opposition. While oppression does stoke the fires of rebellion, it can keep it in check too? for a while anyway, and only if the flames aren?t a full-blown conflagration yet. Calculated doses of oppression can keep people guessing long enough that in the confusion, no one will be able to come up with sufficient resistance. GMA?s tack so far has been to do something, then recant, then do something again, just enough to keep everybody guessing and thinking, and not acting.

At 12:17 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

same as bush

At 2:07 PM, Anonymous Kiko said...

Si bush ba e sumisigaw ng distabilization, kodeta, cha cha, con com, con con, 1M, hello garci, I am sori...?


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