Sunday, June 11, 2006

MLQ3 gets the outrage he asks for

there is something terribly wrong when one receives an email of news articles reporting three separate deaths within 24 hours:

June 9 (2 days ago)
9 AM today -- Bayan Muna member in Sorsogon "gunned down by two motorcycle-riding assassins"

5 PM yesterday - A tribal leader and officer of the Cordillera People's Alliance was shot dead "by people wearing bonnets on board a van?

1 teacher - the "principal of the Quezon National High School in Quezon town in Isabela, was also killed after she was hit by stray bullets."

And Malacanang and Congress are ecstatic that they have agreed to pass a bill abolishing the death penalty!

something's horrendously disturbing when a few days after one reads another such report, this time of a forceful disappearance, hours after yet another bloody dispersal of an otherwise peaceful demonstration of farmers and students:

Published on page A15 of the June 11, 2006 issue of the Philippine Daily Inquirer:
But as the group protested, another member of a militant youth organization was reported missing.

Melanie Catipon, 21, a member of Anakbayan and a resident of Maria Aurora town in Aurora, was abducted by unidentified men on Friday night, the human rights advocate Karapatan said.

something's dreadfully amiss when people, innocents, are being killed by the hour on account of their political beliefs. this something inclines one to lose sleep at night -- over two extremely different reasons. one is out of sheer terror of not feeling safe anymore living under a so-called democracy. the other is out of pure unabashed unadulterated outrage, of wishing to retaliate but not wishing to add to the senseless bloodbath.

to this MLQ3 (no link. he is, after all, still linked to this blog) quickly posts a supposed FAQ in his article Why Most Filipinos Don't Care That Leftists Are Being Killed, "But why is it, that the majority don't seem to care?"

oh, but they do. they probably WILL more if people such as journalists and writers, ESPECIALLY journalists and writers, rid themselves of their anti-Left bias and quit justifying the nightmare in the process.

we do not wish to antagonize, or else mr. quezon will have confirmed his idea that Leftists are nothing but a bunch of close-minded cheerleaders. we wish to clarify, and yes, continue to give reason why MLQ3 is STILL linked to this PROGRESSIVE blog.

we agree fully with ina alleco, "Manolo, paki-bawi yung sinulat mo"

others, however, are entitled to their own outrage: What we've learned: MLQ3, Para kay Manolo.

Ang Taktika ng Pagpatay
Inilathala ng Bulatlat (

Ang taktika ng pagpatay
Ay pagpapasulong sa istratehiya
Ng pagkubkob at paglipol
Ng rehimeng hindi na makapaghari
Sa dating paraan

Sampung taon, anila, ang kailangan
Para sugpuin ang subersyon
Mananahimik na ang bansa't
Patuloy na nakaluklok
Ang reyna sa kapangyarihan

Sa bukid at bundok
Ang pingkian ng armas at armas
Ngayon, maging sa lunsod at bayan
Pinupuntirya ang mamamayang
Tanging mga karapatan ang pananggalang

Ilang daan, ilang libo
Ang dapat patayin
Busalan, ikulong, bugbugin
Para tiyaking tagumpay
Ang kanilang istratehiya't taktika

Bawat araw ay may dagdag
Sa bilang ng pinapaslang
Tayo'y nagdadalamhati pagkat sila
Ang tagabandila ng paninindigan
Ng mamamayan

May mga bagay
Na kailanma'y hindi kayang unawain
Nilang naghahari
Kung bakit ang bawat paglilibing
Ay martsa ng diwang hindi mapapaslang

Kung bakit, sa harap ng panggigipit
Patuloy ang mamamayan
Sa paggigiit ng kanilang lunggati
Walang makapipigil sa daluyong
Ng lakas nila't pagkakaisa

Kung bakit hindi panukat ng lakas
Ang bunton ng kanilang pinapatay
O binabawian ng karapatan
Walang lakas ang rehimeng
Ang kaaway ay ang mamamayan

Binibilang natin ang bilang
Ng pinaslang ng rehimen
Sapagkat may dapat singilin
Walang patawad ang kasaysayan
Sa mga salarin

Binibilang din natin
Ang mga araw na itatagal pa ng rehimen
Pagkat ang taktika ng pagpatay
Na akala'y pansagip sa kanilang buhay
Ay kahinaang panghukay ng sariling libingan

Ang pagbuwag sa rehimeng bulok
Ay hindi na bago sa mamamayan
Binibigo nila ang istratehia't
Taktika ng kaaway
Ng istratehiya't taktika ng kanilang matwid

At tayo'y pinasisigla ng kasaysayan
Sapagkat ating alam
Sa hinaba-haba ng pakikibaka
Kung sino'ng susuko, sino'ng magwawagi
Sa malao't madali


At 7:56 PM, Blogger the flying monkeys said...

Found this blog via a link on Renegade Eye. Excellent blog. I will visit often.

btw: I will add you to our blogroll.

At 12:00 PM, Blogger Renegade Eye said...

You're incorrect to be for the death penalty.

It is barbarism, for a government, to kill people. The death penalty in a country like yours, would only be used on the poor and the radical. The rich have lawyers, who will save their life.

I send my regrets. Government doing killing will not make things better.


At 9:31 AM, Blogger adarna said...

renegade eye,

i think you misunderstand. we were just pointing out the terrible irony that our government has abolished the death penalty but extra-judicial killings of activists and journalists continue to escalate on an almost daily basis...

ty for visiting again and linking us to your blog.



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