Wednesday, August 23, 2006


We are sorry for not being able to update for a few weeks now, our schedule have been rather tight. We are making up for it, as usual, with a round-up of what we would have blogged during the past few days if we had the time:
  • Understanding the US-Israel war on Lebanon

Carol Araullo and the ILPS statement made during the height of the conflict gave us a clear picture and shows us why the ceasefire will not put an end to the crisis.

An analysis and a sound position on the crisis must start with the realization that the US and Isreal are conducting a war of aggression against the Palestinian people and are in occupation of Palestinian territories and southern Lebanon. The US-backed Israeli occupation forces have commited crimes against thousands of Palestinian civilians throughout its history.

The portrayal of Hezbollah by CNN and other media outfits as the usual "terrorist enemy" that should be annihilated, covers up the war crimes the US-backed Israeli army has done in the course of its crusade to conquer the Middle East (which explains why Israel has no consitution; because it does not want to limit its territory) .

Read Randy David's column and be surprised to learn that the Hezbollah actually condemned the 9/11 attacks and consitute 10% of the Lebanese government.

Good thing there are the likes of George Galloway; watch this video of his passionate explanation of the issue to a reporter.

  • A 'Radical' Patricia Evangelista

Our repost of Sarah Raymundo and Bogart Jaime's essay on Pat Evangelista's column criticizing her activist UP professor continue to earn visitors and comments. Our counter shows dozens of referrals from Google search results to our blog.

We are linking to her, this time to laud her, for writing relevant columns regarding the abduction of two UP students and the human rights situation in Central Luzon for three consecutive Sundays already. Here are the links: 1, 2, 3.

  • Sarah R's must read entries.

Her entry on the continuing discussion on Justice Isagani Cruz's anti-gay column articulates a radical view on the gender equality issue. And her entry entitled Coming to Terms, should make you 'hopeful' we have revolutionary intellectuals like her.

  • Foiled airplane bombings in London...

...might have been staged. Read this Boingboing entry pointing out that the 'terrorists' did not actually pose imminent threat.

Also from boingboing comes the funny comic strip posted above.

  • 'Bebot'-ti nga

Roland Tolentino and friends criticize and the Black Eyed Peas.


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