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Yehey! Esperon gets eggs in the face, mud at UP

Young activists from UP hurled mud and rotten eggs at AFP Chief General Hermogenes Esperon yesterday, around 5pm after a forum in C.M Recto Hall.

Here's Malaya's coverage. Here's a report from

Saksi news report here.

Here are cheers from Tonyo and Ellen T.


Esperon gets eggs in the face, mud at UP

By Joel Guinto
Last updated 07:13pm (Mla time) 09/22/2006

(UPDATE) STUDENT activists protesting political
killings in the country pelted General Hermogenes
Esperon Jr. with eggs and mud as the Armed Forces
chief of staff stepped out of a forum at the
University of the Philippines (UP) in Diliman,
Quezon City on Friday.

Esperon was hit in the face by two eggs before his
aides managed to shield him and whisk off the
general to a waiting vehicle, Anakbayan
spokesperson Sarah Maramag claimed in a phone

But Esperon's spokesman, Lieutenant Colonel
Bartolome Bacarro, said the military chief was hit
twice on the back. He said it was impossible for
Esperon to be hit in the face since the activists
hit him from behind.

"That served him right," Maramag said.

Bacarro said Esperon made light of the situation
and joked to him: "Maybe they [UP students] are
angry at me because I did not launch a coup d'etat."

But Bacarro nonetheless took a swipe at the
"attackers" saying, "They should not have shamed
UP as an institution."

The country's premiere state university, UP is a
hotbed of student activists, who have recently
called on President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo to
step down amid allegations of election fraud and

Esperon is known to be loyal to Arroyo. At a news
forum in Makati City Thursday evening, Defense
Secretary Avelino Cruz Jr. described him as the
"poster boy for no coups."

Maramag said the "assault" on Esperon was joined
by the UP Student Council and the League of
Filipino Students (LFS).

The Armed Forces chief was a guest at the forum
"Development and Conflict" at the C.M. Recto Hall
of the UP Faculty Center, Maramag said.

"We didn't miss the chance that he was there. He
had the nerve to come here [UP], especially after
September 21, the anniversary of martial law,"
Maramag said.

Esperon emerged from the forum around 5 p.m.,
unaware that the activists were waiting for him
down the hallway.

Bacarro said Esperon's security detail failed to
notice the eggs and mud, which the students hid in
their bags and behind their backs.

Militant and human rights groups accuse security
forces of the more than 750 extrajudicial killings
in the country since President Gloria
Macapagal-Arroyo came to power in 2001.

The military has consistently denied the charges,
claiming instead that the killings are the
offshoot of a supposed purge within the communist


At 1:53 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Three Chiefs:

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

The Good Chief. He protects his men and gives them the benefit of the doubt. He sees them as innocents until proven guilty. He lets charges be filed against them for alleged infractions, but he provides them opportunities and leeway to properly prepare to defend themselves. He treats them in a manner befitting officers and gentlemen. He understands them for he previously investigated the source of their discontent. He never succumbs to the caprices of the Senior Chief no matter the pressure for he sees him as one of the Garci Generals he investigated and is not quite convinced of his absolute cleanliness. He is the good father that protects his children and defends them even if their grandfather accused them of doing something wrong and inappropriate. He is the protector of the Marines. He is Vice Admiral Mateo Dimayuga.

The Bad Chief. He never gives a damn nor howls a faint of protest when his men are rounded up, put in restricted custodies and later detained in hurriedly prepared prison cells even before charges are formally filed against them. He does not even bother if his men are ill-treated in detention centers and paraded like criminals before the court hearings even formally begin. He readily kowtows to the orders of the Senior Chief even if these are detrimental to his men. He is the bad father who severely punishes his children without trying to understand their sentiments. He is the bad father who abuses his children, then sells them to the highest bidder in order that he may earn the favor of the Senior Chief. He is the scourge of the Scout Rangers. He is Lt. Gen. Romeo Tolentino.

The Ugly Chief. He was once the Chief bodyguard of the Commander-in-Chief. He shamelessly cried before the media and the nation when his Commander announced her decision not to run in May 2004 Elections, and he shamelessly cooperated with Garci in rigging the votes to ensure his Commander's victory for which he was awarded as Army Chief and now Senior Chief. Knowing that the Bad Chief will always be his faithful running dog, he immediately ordered the arrest and imprisonment of the Scout Rangers to impress upon the Commander that he is on top of the situation. But he could not impose the same on the Good Chief who knows a lot of ugliness about him. Unable to order the arrest of the Marines, he brings his case to the media and there he tries to outmaneuver the Good Chief. He orders the Bad Chief to finish within the next two weeks the construction of additional detention cells in Tanay where the Marines will be immediately imprisoned if the Good Chief refuses to detain his men in his own camps. Like the Bad Chief, the Ugly Chief is afraid of the Scout Rangers for nothing breaks their brotherhood so he incarcerated them before they could even think of something that may put the Ugly Chief in an ugly situation. The Ugly Chief is also afraid of the Marines for they are a tightly knit group, especially if the Good Chief is hell-bent on protecting them, so he will use all his powers to arrest and imprison the Marines before they can finish thinking and planning and before they can move against the Ugly Chief and his Commander. The people are still hopeful the highly-regarded Marines will soon finally move. From among the three Chiefs, the Ugly Chief really wears an ugly face. The Ugly Chief is the unconfirmed Senior Chief. He is Lt. Gen. Hermogenes Esperon.

At 7:38 AM, Anonymous lunaticmind said...

being hit by eggs in front of the public is the best insult a person can ever have.

At 2:57 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It really gives me a sickening feel in my groin when I see self-proclaimed "patriots", defender of freedom, fighters for truth would lower theirselves in the lowest level like those of the wild from the Serengeti.

"The tree of liberty must be refreshed for time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. "

Is it the ultimate dream of journalists to die in preserving and fighting for the truth?

So now, every reporter that died and every brutal political killings that happened is the realization of that ultimate "dream", it is the climax of every radicals, every patriots, every journalists who are ready to give their life for the expression of the real truth. It's a realization of their dreams, they die a happy death knowing deep inside them that their ultimate dreams where realized...

So why fret on those killings... It is a realization of dreams, isn't it each every one of us wants....?


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