Monday, January 02, 2006

Survivor of the Year

Among the 2005 yearend reports we have read, gives the most comprehensive round-up.

Carol P. Araullo, explains to us why we should look forward to 2006. She says:

Like a dam that seems to be holding, able to withstand the crush of tons of water, it is really a question of how much more of the onrushing flood of critical issues and scandals the GMA regime can take in 2006 given its severely damaged credibility, shrinking political capital and precarious financial situation.

PCIJ names Arroyo "Survivor of the Year."

On the subic rape case: Inquirer editorial discusses Different tunes as an example of our "talk-first-think-later nature of our country's nonexistent foreign policy."

CODAL condemns the killing of Judge Hendrick Guingoyon. They said the judge was once counsel for BAYAN and KMU.

As we have expected, tensions within the divided military manifest further with the PAF corruption expose.

The CPP anniversary statement claims the NPA has launched more than 200 tactical offensives nationwide since September 13.

Arroyo: from bully to geek; a change in image?

We're not really sure if Arroyo's "bad-geek-hair-day-cum-you-kinda-look-lika-my-grandma-when-she's-in-a-Dinky-Soliman-mood" projection in her new year's message in TV is an attempt to change her image or it was just that her make-up artists were in vacation.

Courtesy of our beloved president and her government, a post christmas present and a happy new year gift to the Filipino people.


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