Saturday, January 07, 2006

Three kings

"Ramos attempted a 'three kings', but will they turn out to be wise men too?"

Anakbayan explains that:

"The 'three kings' cannot hope to be 'king makers' on their own. The 'wise man' thing to do is to support and have full faith in the growing anti-Arroyo mass movement, the true-blue good shepherds of genuine reform. Attempts at unity cannot be achieved through back-door conspiratorial talks alone."

Arroyo is planning a cabinet revamp, it seems the Spice Boy is going to get a chief-of-staff appointment as a present for being oh-so-nice to the president.

A council of state meeting with Aquino, Ramos and maybe Estrada, is set by the palace while SWS reports number of hungry Filipinos hit new high.

The Catholic church joins 'televangelism' with TV Maria.

Carol P. Araullo explains why the strengthening/weakening of the peso is a "damned if you and damned if you don?t" scenario. We lose whatever is the case.

A US sailor admits to killing local woman outside Tokyo. US job growth slows, and here's a look at the Large Imbalances the US economy will face in 2006.


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