Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Denial of Justice

LFS holds picket at DoJ, slams gov't 'Denial of Justice'.

The case of arrested US sailor in Japan further stirs outrage over the government's acting "like colonials."

We cannot compare the case to Japan, you say? Why of course! No, no, no. Not only because we have an unconsitutional and flawed VFA. But primarily because they do not have a justice secretary 'of the same caliber' as ours!

Showing further the government's inutility and the sell-out of our national dignity, another RP-US war game starts on Jan 17.

Meanwhile, Magdalo's Faeldon is busy making rounds in the AFP's camps, mocking the Generals and leading civil disobedience activities.

The youth calls for the first major ("teach-in") protest action against Cha-cha on Jan. 12.

In other news around the world: Unhappiness has risen in the past decade, University of Chicago's National Opinion Research Center reports.

"Most of the problems were related to increased incidents of illness and the inability to afford medical care; mounting bills; unemployment; and troubled romantic relationships."


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